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Hello May & Wal,
pic shows Angelique watching TV ... looking straight forward, instead of at an angle or sideways.... she wouldn't look at the camera for mummy to take the pic, was too absorbed in watching the tele ! she really is enjoying "watching" stuff from her chair, turning her head a little more too.
I am happy to help in anyway I can.... Angelique thoroughly loves sitting in her chair, and her neck muscles are strengthening as she has move manoeuvrability - yes, you may use my testimonial and the photo on your Website.
we luv your invention xox
Thanx & Cheers, Christine King

Angelique-Frazer Chair-2013





















 Kathryn & Charlotte

 Hi There: I thought you might be interested in the following photos.
In 1983 I bought a Frazer Chair for the first of my three daughters & it proved an absolute godsend for all three. This year I bought one for my granddaughter.
The photos below are of middle daughter Kathryn in 1985 & her daughter Charlotte in 2013 - happy in their chairs.
Kathryn 1985
Charlotte 2013
Judy Usher

Kathryn 1985
Kathryn - Frazer Chair 1985

Charlotte 2013

  Cahrlotte 2013 - Frazer Chair



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